Fras Rated Fire Resistant Anti- Static Matting

Frazmat™ is an Electrically Conductive Anti Static Fire Resistant Matting designed and manufactured in Australia from specially formulated PVC compound for use in underground mining applications or where there is a risk of fire or explosion being caused  by static charge.

Available in rolls lengths of up to 30 metres and widths of up to 1500mm

There is a legal requirement that an assessment of the FRAS Risks of any non-metallic material is made and that the test results are utilised in a site-specific Risk Assessment for the intended application. There is also a requirement that any 'risks' are addressed and steps implemented to minimise - and ideally eradicated - the risks.
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Tested by NSW Trade and Investment Mine Safety to Comply with the requirements for Ignitability and Flame Propagation Characteristics and Anti-Static Properties (Electrical Resistivity) requirements for general applications of MDG3608, and MDG3608,