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Vynagrip Plus / Soft




Vynagrip® Plus and Vynagrip® Soft are specially designed to provide a comfortable and slip resistant surface and it has been tested to AS4586 – 2013 and given P5 the highest slip resistant rating, which will reduce leg strain and tiredness whilst helping to boost productivity. The open grid design means spillage and dirt fall through so that a safe work area can be maintained. Used in all types of manufacturing environments where the comfort and safety of personnel is a priority. Vynagrip’s® deeply cut tread surface reduces the risk of accidents. It is extremely hard-wearing and is resistant to most acids, alkalies and oils. Vynagrip® ‘Plus’ has a 50mm bright yellow border along each side for added safety, route marking or demarcation. Vynagrip® ‘Soft’ is manufactured from a specially formulated material that provides extra comfort in very cold environments down to 40 degrees C.


ATTAR Vynagrip Wet Report 13697-2 (3) (2022_03_06 08_43_21 UTC)