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With its embossed, slip resistant surface and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial additives Flexi-rib® is the perfect mat for all sport and barefoot applications such as poolside areas, wet areas, changing rooms and other domestic and commercial applications.  A choice of attractive colours ensures that Flexi-Rib® will not only act as an essential safety product, but also as an aesthetically and eye catching addition to any wet side area.

Flexi-Rib® is the ideal self draining, safety matting for all sports and leisure surroundings. It is made from specially formulated strong flexible PVC, with uniquely channeled under-bars for better drainage of large amounts of water.

Fungal infections are caused by spores that are prevalent in warm, humid conditions and are common in swimming pools, locker rooms, and other sports facilities where people walk barefoot. Flexi-Rib® can help prevent the spread of fungal infection.