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Frazmat™ is an Electrically Conductive Anti Static Fire Resistant Matting designed and manufactured in Australia from specially formulated PVC compound for use in underground mining applications or where there is a risk of fire or explosion being caused by static charge.

Tested by NSW Trade and Investment Mine Safety to Comply with the requirements for Ignitability and Flame Propagation Characteristics and Anti-Static Properties (Electrical Resistivity) requirements for general applications of MDG3608, and MDG3608,

Available in rolls lengths of up to 30 metres and widths of up to 1500mm

(1500mm only available in rolls up to15 metres)


There is a legal requirement that an assessment of the FRAS Risks of any non-metallic material is made and that the test results are utilised in a site-specific Risk Assessment for the intended application. There is also a requirement that any ‘risks’ are addressed and steps implemented to minimise – and ideally eradicate those risks. It is not sufficient to rely solely on the test results provided.


Frasmat Test Report MAYDEL