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Heronair® is designed and manufactured from extremely strong and hard wearing non toxic food grade PVC. Heronair’s® tubular top surface and under-bars are designed to create maximum cushion comfort underfoot. Its slip resistant surface constructed in grid formation make it an ideal working surface where water and other liquids are present.

Heronair’s® cushioned tread not only reduces slips and falls but it raises people slightly above floor level, so any spillage will drain through where it can be cleaned later.

Ideal for the marine environment with excellent UV resistance.

Available in roll lengths up to 30 metres in 60, 75, 91,120 or 150cm wide, in a range of attractive colours. Heronair® does not absorb water or other liquids and it offers insulation from cold or damp floors. It is quick and easy to fit, even into awkwardly shaped areas. It is also chemical, oil, alcohol and flame resistant .