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Safe-T-Trax® is used on flat roofs, platforms walkways and ramps to provide safe access for the maintenance of roof top air conditioning units and other services and where slip resistance is important. The matting is 14mm high and designed to be completely impervious to all weather conditions. It provides permanent slip resistance, even in areas where water may pool and Safe-T-Trax® has been tested to AS4586 – 2013 and given P5 the highest slip resistant rating.

Safe-T-Trax® is extremely hard wearing and will out last that of modern flat roofing materials. Safe-T-Trax® is compatible with vinyl roof’ membranes and provides exceptional protection to the roof covering from pedestrian traffic. Safe-T-Trax® is designed to be loose laid and remains stable even in cyclonic conditions.

  • Provides slip resistance in areas where water may pool.
  • Impervious to weather conditions.
  • Available in roll format – quick and easy to lay.
  • Protects the roofing membrane.
  • Simple to join or cut to shape.
  • Stable in very high winds.
  • Made from 100% recyclable food grade materials.
  • Ideal for ramped inclines where water or other slip hazards are present.