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Vynagrip® is  a durable and high-quality matting  that is perfect for a wide range of industrial settings, from manufacturing plants to warehouses, loading docks, as well as fishing trawlers to cruise ships and naval submarines.  Vynagrip® is specially designed with an open grid construction to withstand heavy traffic, oil and chemical spills, and being UV resistant, even in extreme weather conditions. Made from a specially formulated  food grade PVC material, Vynagrip® is easy to clean, slip-resistant to a P5 rating, and provides excellent traction, making it an ideal solution for preventing slip and fall accidents in high-risk areas. Vynagrip is  available in a range of sizes up to 150mm wide and 30m long, and  in a range of colours, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your specific workplace needs. Whether you need a mat for a small workspace or a large industrial facility, Vynagrip® is the perfect solution for you.  Vynagrip® can also be factory edged with a 60mm ramped edge for added safety.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest level of quality, customer service and support.

Vynagrip Industrial matting ensuring the safety and efficiency of your industrial work place.


ATTAR Vynagrip Wet Report 13697-2 (3) (2022_03_06 08_43_21 UTC)